Grids, Stains Stacks

Monte Vista Projects

January 14 - February 12, 2012
Opening Saturday, January 14, 2012, 7-10pm


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More is More

Jose Drudis-Biada Gallery

November 8, 2011 – January 21, 2012
Reception Sunday, November 6, 3–5pm

Amy Green and Curt LeMieux present a collaborative installation titled "What in the World Happened to Myrtle." The artists are engaged in an ongoing process that is centered upon a mutual love of materiality and process. Scarves, neckties, sheer fabrics, industrial plastics, thread, wood, house paint, tape, staples, and other raw materials are built up over time through repeated exchange between Green and LeMieux. Resisting a set formula or method in favor of intuitive responses, the duo draws, pours, stains, folds, twists, ties, jerry rigs, and tethers. The resulting objects contort and bow. They do not sit comfortably. They wrestle with form. They possess both strength and fragility and are poetic and tenuous. More is More features Arsfidelis, Amy Green, Curt LeMieux, and Aleve Mei Loh.

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Until We Come to One that Reminds Us

Monte Vista Projects

Kristina Faragher, Christine Frerichs, Amy Green, and Curt LeMieux
Curated by Asher Hartman and Amy Green

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Let the trees decide

Glendale College Art Gallery

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